The Folks of Farm Sci-Ed

Farm Sci-Ed is hosted by Emily Stine and three researchers – Jeff Bradshaw, Bob Harveson, and Nevin Lawrence – all stationed the Panhandle Research Extension Center (PHREC) in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. With focuses across multiple disciplines, they integrate and collaborate on many projects, including being the faces of this show. 

Emily Stine, D.P.H

Emily smiling at the camera with a red polo shirt with the Nebraska N logo. Her hair is pulled back with bangs and is wearing square-ish glasses.
Emily Stine, Science Communicator

Emily is the Integrated Pest Management Communication Specialist at the PREEC for the University of Nebraska. She completed her Doctor of Plant Health degree in 2021 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass and Landscape Management. She assumed her position in 2020, though worked to develop much of the framework for Farm Sci-Ed over the summer of 2019. She focuses on unique messaging tools to encourage conversation around scientific topics and translate scientific jargon into simple, everyday language.



Jeff Bradshaw, Ph.D

Jeff Bradshaw, looking to the left. He has dark hair and facial hair and thick rimmed glasses. He is wearing a blue striped shirt and standing in front of an evergreen
Jeff Bradshaw, Entomologist

Jeff is an Associate Professor of Entomology at the PHREC of the University of Nebraska. He has degrees in invertebrate biology, plant pathology and entomology, and assumed his position in 2010. Much of his work at the PHREC focuses on the support, design, and development of research projects in applied entomology. His projects focus on the management of insects of importance for field crops and rangeland in western Nebraska. The current crops include corn, wheat, sunflower, dry bean, and sugar beet.

He currently serves as the Interim Director for the PHREC and as the President of the Entomological Society of America’s Plant-Insect Ecosystem Section.

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Bob Harveson, Ph.D

Bob, smiling, looking into the camera. He has dark hair and a gray shirt on in front of a yellow background
Bob Harveson, Plant Pathologist

Bob is a tenured Professor and Extension Plant Pathology Specialist for the University of Nebraska. He holds degrees in history, plant and soil science, and plant pathology and started the plant disease diagnostic clinic for the University of Florida’s SW Florida REC. He assumed his current position at the PHREC in 1999. His current focus at the Panhandle Research, Extension and Education Center focuses on the etiology (cause of disease) and applied management for diseases in specialty crops state-wide. By using tools within biological, cultural, chemical, and predictive measures, he studies diseases like sugar beet root rots, dry bean bacterial diseases and sunflower diseases.

He currently serves as a member of the American Phytopathological Scoeity (APS), as senior editor for Plant Health Instructor, and has monthly columns on plant pathology research and historical stories for the APS newsletter and Scottsbluff newspaper. He has authored one book for APS Press and has edited and co-authored chapters in sever APS Press Disease Compendia, including beet, sunflower, bean, soybean and pea.

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Nevin Lawrence, Ph.D

Nevin, looking left of the camera. He has a red cap, red sunglasses and a blue denim button-down on. He stands in front of an evergreen tree.
Nevin Lawrence, Weed Scientist

Nevin is the Integrated Weed Management Specialist at the PREEC for the University of Nebraska. He holds degrees in agroecology, agronomy, and crop science, and assumed his current position in 2016. He focuses on developing weed management programs leveraging crop rotations and other cultural practices to supplement the sometimes limited weed control management options available. Specific projects include measuring the impact of narrow-row and direct-harvest dry bean production on weed communities, controlling herbicide resistant kochia and pigweed species using multi-year integrated management plans, and determining the influence of climate on weed abundance and management. Non-crop research and extension projects include the evaluation of novel weed control products for control of downy brome in rangeland.

He is an active member of the Weed Science Society of America, the Western Weed Science Society, and the American Association of Sugar Beet Agronomists.

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The Studio

Located within the Panhandle Research, Extension and Education Center in Scottbluff, NE, the Farm Sci-Ed studio provides a space to foster conversations around research topics. With a backdrop of reclaimed barn donated by a local producer and video, audio and lighting tools, the studio brings the Farm Side feel to the educational conversations had by the hosts.